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oral and maxillofacial surgery roomWe strive to treat all patients with the utmost respect and gentleness. That means communicating with you every step of the way, all so you feel absolute assurance that your health is in good hands. We understand that you may feel some anxiety concerning treatment, so as a practice, we go to great efforts to minimize wait times and go above and beyond to ensure patient comfort. It is our goal to provide you with seamless service from start to finish.

Dr. White has over 30 years of experience in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, giving him a level of confidence and expertise that truly sets him apart in the city of Aurora. His efficiency, humor and no-nonsense approach to care have earned him the respect of both patients and peers alike. Doctors from across the Denver Metro area regularly refer to Dr. White when a patient requires an advanced treatment, knowing that they will receive the highest quality care. Rest assured that you are entrusting your smile to one of the most experienced professionals in the area.

Our list of services includes:

Our staff will happy to talk through your needs and schedule an appointment for you and Dr. White to discuss your treatment options. Call us today at 303.344.2705 or complete our online contact form.

  • Dr. White is an outstanding oral surgeon. He is very caring and is clinically excellent. He offers outstanding care in almost every capacity that you would expect from an oral surgeon, and he is accomplished in almost every area of maxillofacial surgery, implants and anesthesia."—David Hedrick, DDS
  • I have been referring patients to Dr. White’s practice for ever 10 years. He is experienced, competent and likeable and provides my patients with education and wise surgical options.”—Michael Dougherty, DDS
  • Dr. White is an honest, nice and knowledgeable doctor, and his staff is courteous, professional and thorough. Everyone at the practice is very lighthearted and down-to-earth.” —Frazier G.
  • Dr. White is by far the most competent, genuine and respectful person I have ever had the chance to meet in his profession. I trust him and I’m confident in his abilities and judgment. The staff is wonderful as well, and I know they truly care about my needs. For example, they called Dr. White to come take a look at the site where my wisdom teeth were removed when I was extra worried about the health of my mouth. I chose to see Dr. White because I believe an oral and maxillofacial surgeon has more expertise and experience than a general dentist and that surgeries such as wisdom teeth removal should be performed by someone who specializes in this area.” —Lawand Kamal
  • Dr. White is an excellent surgeon. I have been referring patients to him for over 10 years and I have nothing but the highest regards for his practice. Dr. White does great work, in a kind and caring manner, which is why I send all my oral surgery patients his way.” —Randy Sanders, DDS
  • Dr. White and his staff are awesome. They are friendly and easy to communicate with. My visits there could not go any better.”—Shannon R.


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